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[Release] SilverNews 2.0.3
We are pleased to announce that a few hours ago SilverNews 2.0.3 has been released! Updating your newsboard is recommended but not necessary, if PHP5 has not been installed on your server yet.

However, you have to update if your server is already equipped with PHP5 due to the previous version not being compatible to it.

The following changes have been made:
  • Fixed PHP5 incompatibility in "news" class
  • Moved two phrases from the php code into language.php
  • Shortened copyright notice
  • Introduced a "ROOTPATH" constant that allows inclusion of SilverNews into another script via the include() function.
  • Improved readability of php code in files in "modules" folder by adding new comments and improving the placement of braces
  • Improved security by using intval() onto user input
  • Fixed bug that caused the download of attachments to result in a 404 error.
Written by Marcel on January 1st 2005, 20:30h

[Release] SilverNews 2.0.2
A few moments ago SilverNews 2.0.2 has been released! Compared to SilverNews 2.0.1, only several minor bugs have been fixed, no new feature were added.

Upgrading to SilverNews 2.0.2 is only neccassary if you have enabled the search engine as this release fixes an error that caused the search engine to show the first 20 results only, although a lot of more were found!

To update your newsboard, please overwrite the files "functions.php" and "modules/misc.php" with the new ones.
Written by Marcel on September 24th 2004, 23:00h

[Release] Dutch website, SilverNews and SilverCounter!
During the last days we released our new dutch website, SilverNews 2.0.1 dutch and SilverCounter 1.0.1 dutch. Thank you to our new team member from the netherlands: Jeroen! He translated everything as fast as he could before he is going to australia tomorrow. Thank You!

Of course we are still searching users who can translate our website or our scripts into another language and we are looking forward to extend our offers. Just send us a eMail via our contact site!
Written by Silver on April 15th 2004, 18:52h

[Preview] SilverBook 2.0
We are currently working on SilverBook 2.0 and now it's time to release some screenshots. It is still in alpha status but the final design should be almost the same.

- Entry overview
- Write a new entry
- Entry successfully added

Screenshots of the admin control panel will follow in some weeks. On these pictures there is only the logo and the copyright information missing.

Of course we want your feedback so please go to our support forums and post feedback.

Moreover we are working on some other scripts but we will release more information about that in few weeks.
Written by Silver on April 15st 2004, 18:52h

[Release] SilverNews 2.0.1
SilverNews 2.0.1 has been released just a few minutes ago! There are no new features included because it is only a bugfixed version.

Here is a short list of the changes:
- search engine didn't work with MySQL 3
- while editing a news everthing after " in a title wasn't displayed
- upload folder size was displayed wrong
- after deleting a member no name was shown (now "unknown")
- 2 small bugs in the update Script (1.0 -> 2.0)

If you update from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 please read the readme.txt first.
Written by Silver on April 1th 2004, 19:46h